1Q: I’m a student. Can I request a quote for my school?
Yes! Before asking for your quote, be sure to use our costs calculator to work out your budget and how many students you need. If you think you have enough people interested, then contact us for the quote
2Q: How many Students can I have in each workshop?
Workshops normally have anywhere between 30 and 75 students, but we can accommodate more if you have the space!
3Q: When can I book this for?
Each workshop takes bookings year round. When you contact us, we look at the Educator’s calendar for that workshop, and find a date that works well with you. If you’d like to check a specific date for any of our workshops before requesting a quote, please email us and we’d be happy to help!
4Q: Can I sign up for workshops instead of creating them?
No – we rarely offer workshops where you sign up to take part. We specialize in bringing Broadway to you – which means that each workshop is completely unique to you. Pretty cool, right?!
5Q: Do you work with outreach programs?
Yes! We like to work with these groups when we can, but we ask that instead of filling out the form, you email us to chat further.
1Q: I’m a beginner – are these workshops suitable for me?
YES! Our workshops are designed for students of all abilities. When you contact us, we’ll work with you to make sure that the content we supply will work with the standard of the students taking the workshop. The only thing we ask is that students show up wanting to have FUN!
2Q: How long is each workshop?
That’s completely up to you! The minimum we are able to offer is 3 hours, but we can also do 2-3 days! Some people choose to have multiple sessions, so that students get a really great experience by learning a bunch of songs and choreography in one day, also adding in some fun character work!
3Q: How much are the workshops?
Take a look at our Costs Calculators at the bottom of each workshop page to estimate the price for each workshop. The final cost depends on the workshop’s content, length, and location, and is decided once we have all of the details we require. All of our Educators live in New York or Los Angeles, and the fees we charge take any travel time into consideration. Our fees are extremely competitive, but are a reflection of the Educator’s experience.
4Q: ! don’t think I’ll be able to afford this! Can you help?
If you’ve looked at the Cost Calculators, and the price for a workshop is a little out of your budget, we encourage you to talk to other schools, studios or other organizations in your community to see if there is interest in working with you to bring one of our workshops to your area. Partnering with others to create a unique experience for your area is a really rewarding way to bring Broadway to you!
5Q: Is there anything you don’t do?
We don’t provide Workshops to homes, or offer 1-1 tuition with any of our Educators.